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Acid Reflux Disease Treatment

Acid reflux is the common term for gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD, the condition of abnormal reflux that causes mucosal damages. This disease can affect both adults and children or infants, but gives high vulnerability to pregnant women, smokers and people who doze off right after eating without prior rest.  If you suffer, know that there is an acid reflux disease treatment.

Acid Reflux Disease Symptoms

The symptoms of acid reflux are as follows: heartburn, which is characterized by chest pain; inflammation in the mucosa; difficulty in swallowing; cough and hoarseness. These symptoms are felt by the person after eating a fatty meal or drinking liquor, when bending over, and worse when constantly smoking.

Causes of Acid Reflux Disease

Acid reflux disease is primarily caused by the malfunction of the esophageal sphincter. In other cases, it can also be brought about by the abnormal production of the gastric acids. If there is insufficient supply of the stomach acid, the valve in the stomach responsible for churning up foods to the intestine does not open up. This irritates the esophagus and leads to inflammation.

Some of the factors that can trigger acid reflux disease are hiatus hernia, zollinger-elison syndrome, hypercalcemia, scleroderma and systemic sclerosis.

According to paradoxical beliefs, drinking alcohol, tea and coffee can lead to gastro esophageal reflux. But recent studies show that although individuals already affected by this disease can be aggravated by alcohol, tea and coffee, these elements do not cause the disease.  

Compared to smoking which amplifies the risks of getting the condition, alcohol, tea and coffee had the least impact.

But this doesn’t mean that GERD affected people are free to take the beverages stated above. Doctors still suggest avoiding drinking of alcohol in order to shun further aggravation.

Smoking is a chief culprit that causing acid reflux disease. Regular smokers for twenty years are 70% susceptible to acid reflux disease compared to non-smokers. And symptoms of those who already developed the GERD are worsened day by day due to smoking.

The highlight of the research is that large amounts of table salts are found to be equivalent to regular smoking in terms of the risk of developing GERD. It is not a common knowledge that table salts can cause acid reflux disease but researchers found out in their studies that people who are constantly using extra salt are 70% at risk to have gastro esophageal reflux disease. Gastroenterologists of New York University Medical Center attested this fact.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease can be diagnosed even by the infected person himself through the appearance of the symptoms. In the occurrence of these symptoms, it is advised to undergo the tests conducted by medical experts to clear doubts of having the disease or to carry out possible treatments. To treat this kind of disorder, there are varieties of ways possible.

Acid Reflux Disease Treatment

It can be helped by antacids, by natural way such as change of diet to a acid reflux gerd diet, elevation of the head when lying down, or even surgery. And of course, it will be best to stop or avoid smoking and drinking alcohol especially for people who are vulnerable to acid reflux disease.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease causes a lot of discomfort that it can ruin even your lifestyle. To avoid its bad effects, precautionary measures should be considered. The cliché quote that prevention is better than cure applies always.

We would all like to find a treatment for this very uncomfortable problem known as acid reflux.

The real treatment in correcting acid reflux disease probably lies in you hands. Before you rush out the Drugstore for antacids, or to the Dr. the get a prescription, check out your kitchen. The first line of treatment is looking at your diet and making changes. Look at both what you eat, drink, and the stress that you are under or carry around with you and make needed adjustments.

In order to heal yourself of acid reflux disease, the problem must be looked at, not as a single problem, but as part of the complete digestive problem.

One acid reflux disease treatment that is natural is to take herbal
remedies for reflux . There are foods that you can avoid. And avoiding these foods twill help control the problem. It’s a learning process and well worth it.

As you can see, an acid reflux disease diet will help you immensly, so don't put off starting one.

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